Friday, July 13, 2018

The Disturbing Absence of Outrage

In light of today's indictments of twelve Russian operatives in the hacking of computers and the theft of files from the DNC and the DCCC (previously well documented in the book Russian Roulette by Corn and Isikoff) as well as the outright interference in the American electoral process, the president should have immediately expressed outrage at this intrusion into the functioning of our internal institutions, demanded  the extradition of the accused, considered  the expulsion of key Russian diplomats, confronted Vladimir Putin with this finding, and praised the investigating efforts of his intelligence agencies. Instead, the White House issued a statement focused only on the administration's culpability in the matter. In so doing, Trump (once again) abdicated his responsibility as the leader of this Republic in condemning the war-like actions of a foreign government against the people of the United States. His lack of proper response to these attacks resembles the actions more of a Manchurian candidate than a national leader.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Refusing to Observe the Obvious

It was interesting to note how MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell chose to frame the recent election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the House of Representatives as some sort of a demographically determined (in fact, she drew widespread support) anomaly while ignoring 1) the overwhelming margin of victory 2) the fact that she was grossly outspent 3) that she brought out the vote (an essential element to any Democratic strategy going forward), and 4) that she spoke to progressive issues that the Democratic establishment has heretofore thought 'too risky' to address.
What entrenched party apologists like O'Donnell fail grasp is that Ms Ocasio-Cortez's victory was not a fluke but rather a signal that progressive policies in fact resonate with people across a broad range of demographic categories and that the open discussion of these issues is being embraced as a fresh antidote to the stasis far too long embodied by traditional Democratic candidates. Congratulations to go on ahead with your bad self, girl!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Basics

In response to Trump's inability/unwillingness to simply say he is sorry...A real man will apologize when he is wrong. It's called: accepting responsibility for one's actions.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beware Of The Righteous

As Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders invoke Biblical reference in defense of the Administration's immigration policy, one can almost hear the echo of those forefathers who in the past defended the laws that sanctioned the enslavement of human beings, the formal designation of a black person as something less than a full citizen (see the Dred Scott Case), and the denial of a woman's right to vote by citing the Bible as their righteous justification for otherwise immoral behavior and unjust policy. Another sad case of the past as prelude...equally true today as was in Shakespeare's time.

The Need To Clear The Air

Whether it be the inappropriate remarks and the use of the c-word made by Samantha Bee in reference to Ivanka Trump, Roseanne Barr's racist diatribe directed toward Obama's former advisor Valerie Jarret, our president calling a citizen exercising his First Amendment right of free speech 'a son of a bitch' or Robert DeNiro hurling a very loud f-you in the direction of Trump himself...with each unkind, hurtful and/or hateful verbal expression we further poison the air in which might otherwise conduct meaningful, difficult, potentially healing, heartfelt, and well intended dialogue. In these divisive times, we can chose to widen the gap between ourselves or perhaps opt for a path of mutual understanding in spite of the inherent difficulties associated with such an objective.
At short piece written and posted on my blog earlier in the year (1/17/18) was an attempt to underscore the need to dispel the entire notion of 'political correctness' and the poisonous backlash to it that is so much in evidence in today's national discourse. Perhaps we might want to consider a slight reworking of the golden rule: 'say onto others as we would want to be addressed'. The invocation of this principle is especially difficult and equally required in response to ill-intended invectives. To respond in kind to hateful speech is to be complicit in its continuance.

Terror In Our Midst

The latest example of state sponsored terrorism is currently being perpetrated on innocent children on our southern border. The only 'no tolerance' policy that should be under consideration is the utter unacceptably of the inhumane practice of separating families and isolating vulnerable children. We all are witnessing a crime against humanity. This is not a political question; it's a moral one. We must be better than this. The world is watching and history will judge us accordingly.

The Manly Art of World Football

In response to those who use the instances of histrionics in the game of football/soccer to label it an 'unmanly' endeavor, allow me to offer an alternative viewpoint. Flopping is unsightly regardless of the sport in question. The irony here is that football/soccer actually requires a full range of athletic talents not the least of which is toughness and courage...a midfielder going for a 50/50 ball while knocking heads with his opponent; a striker being tackled at top speed by a defender with studs up against the shin bone; a goalkeeper reaching to punch away a shot as defenders confront him head-on. All this without the benefit of pads (save two shin guards). Add to this, the conditioning required to run (often at top speed) anywhere from 10 to 12 miles per match and you have the definition of a skillful, courageous, and tough minded athlete. The diving/flopping/simulation popularly displayed (often to discredit the sport) is belied by the actual reality of what is required to play this demanding mental and physical game.
Please enjoy the World Cup and the athletes therein with an open mind/heart, appreciation, and joy.