Friday, November 17, 2017

A Simple Definition Of Sexual Misconduct

Okay people, gather round a listen up...The introduction of any anatomical member in your possession on or into the body of the object of your affection without their consent or permission is neither cool, acceptable, or anything other than  an unwarranted violation of their personhood at best and, more likely at worst, an actionable sexual assault. To suggest otherwise is to align oneself with the apologists, enablers, and deniers who have allowed countless instances of similar acts throughout time.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Democrats In Danger of Repeating History

The Clinton loyalists who recently turned a deaf ear to Donna Brazile's revelations regarding the DNC's separate and largely secret deal with the Clinton campaign which benefited from extra political control and influence in the 2016 primary are emblematic the Democratic establishment's presumptive claim to Party dominance. The implicit assumption here is that the Sanders' candidacy (then and now) somehow represent an intrusion into political ground held and controlled by Clinton/Obama traditionalists and therefore was properly regarded as interlopers in an otherwise closed political circle. What establishment Democrats tragically failed to realize was that instead of being Party crashers, the millions of Sanders supporters were inviting the Democratic Party to participate in a transformative process by which it's burgeoning majority could be heard to signal a new direction into a more hopeful and successful future. While it is true that progressives such as Keith Ellison and Cornell West were instrumental in placing forward thinking elements to the Party Platform, it is also the case that Party leaders and their operatives were actively seeking to undermine the Sanders campaign throughout the primary season. Of special irony is the fact that Brazile, a long-time Democratic centrist leader, had to resign her post as temporary chair of the DNC amid revelations regarding her role in the advance prompting of candidate Clinton prior to a primary debate with Sanders, a charge she now oddly disputes.

As the Democratic Party looks upon the political landscape ahead, it will be well advised to heed the hard lessons of the previous campaign and seek to embrace its emerging progressive base as the real voice of a viable and hopeful alternative to the national embarrassment currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Failure to do so threatens to condemn the Democrats to the unpardonable offense of repeating the miscalculations of its most recent history.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A San Francisco Sidewalk Seminar

While doing my pre-run stretching at Ocean Beach on Monday, I was made privy to an intelligent conversation being conducted on a nearby bench by two homeless gentlemen. They were engaged in a rather nuanced discussion wherein the various aspects, virtues, and character traits among fairies, pixies, and elves were thoroughly dissected, parsed, compared, and contrasted. God help me...I love San Francisco!!

Rival Prevaricators

It's difficult to imagine a rival to Condoleezza Rice's incessant prevarications regarding Saddam Hoessein's alleged efforts to obtain yellow cake uranium from Niger (thoroughly debunked by Joe Wilson at the time) and her 'warnings' about Iraq's ability to deliver a 'mushroom cloud' to America but, alas, along comes Sarah Huckabee Sanders who fabricates on a nearly daily basis on behalf of the potentate she so fervently serves. The latest example is the assertion that the charges against former campaign operative, George Papadopoulos, were made possible by the 'cooperation' of the White House. I was going to say that you can't make this stuff up but Sarah manages to pull it off every time. Move over, Condi, there's a new sheriff in town!

Friday, October 20, 2017

On The Sit/Stand/Kneel Anthem Controversy

There are many ways to respect the flag and what it symbolizes ranging from the simple observance of standing for the national anthem to exercising your constitution right (indeed, obligation) of free expression and, yes, this includes the right to protest grievances by refusing to stand for the anthem. In so doing, the political statement is emphasized by kneeling. This act does not disrespect the flag, people in the military or their sacrifice; in fact, it serves to highlight the freedoms implicit in the constitution by exercising them!

A Solemn Oath

After more than a month of travel in Europe, I am now in a position to confidently declare the following statement...When I become president/czar, I pledge to make illegal the use and/or possession of selfie sticks. Anyone engaged in either activity will be subject to incarceration, public reprimand, and substantial financial loss. This edict especially will apply to national parks, historical landmarks, and places of traditional religious worship. Thank you and good night!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Desperate Need For Believable Leadership

Recently a listened to  young American express his support of President Trump and his displeasure with some of the policies of DJT's predecessor and those who worked in the previous administration. Interestingly, he expressed these opinions and also simultaneously invoked some of the values implicit in the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

While it is true that Clinton has pursued a neo-conservative, regime-change agenda with regard to both Libya and Syria and Obama carried out a relentless assault in the so called war on terror in a variety of countries with whom we are not at war, it is a serious mistake to conclude that Trump is somehow a practitioner of peace. Within the first six months of DJT's presidency, we have been responsible for the massacre of at least 30 civilians (children included) in the failed attempt to capture a 'leading operative' in Yemen, killed scores of non-combatants in the bombing of a mosque in Syria, murdered perhaps as many of 100 citizens of Mosul in Iraq, and detonated the largest explosive device since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Afghanistan, leaving perhaps hundreds dead in its wake. Add to this, Trump's ongoing support of Saudi Arabia's relentless and merciless attack on the rebel forces in Yemen which has incurred the onset of famine for an otherwise innocent population of long suffering civilians. Hardly the work of someone dedicated to deescalating the use of violence in the conduction of foreign affairs.
As for Trump's efforts to counter the MSM...his dissatisfaction with corporate media has less to do with attacking the corporate underpinnings of how information is framed, packaged, and delivered to the American public and much more reflective in his personal angst regarding unfavorable characterizations inconsistent with his own inflated and pathetically tenuous self image.

The TPP deal's demise to the contrary notwithstanding, identifying the president as a representative of positive, progressive, or sustainable future change is a bit like employing the arsonist to oversee and administer fire safety for an emerging community.

What was significantly reveled in this young person's statement was a deep dissatisfaction and mistrust of establishment politics and the people who have extolled the virtues of maintaining the status quo in its many and varied forms. Democrats who believe that they are destined to inherit the anti-Trump sentiment and be automatically elevated back into office seriously misread the prevailing and persistent need by a new generation of voters who long for genuine and authentic confrontation of the issues at hand and a voice of leadership which is reflective and responsive to the real challenges of the coming years. It is sad and perhaps a bit frightening to contemplate that, for at least this one young citizen, Donald Trump represents this abiding need for change.